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Our Story

elitewellbeing was established in 2012 by Krystine and Craig Mottram.

After being partners for several years they married in 2011. This union cemented their vision for elitewellbeing. Together Krystine and Craig have accumulated an array of sporting, academic and personal experiences that they believe equips them to guide, support and help others in their quest for fulfillment and success.

Craig is a four time Olympian, World Championship and Commonwealth Games medalist and holds several, local, state national and international records in running. Through his wealth of experiences, both challenging and rewarding, Craig emphasises the importance of adopting a multi-faceted approach to professional and personal achievement and success.

The basis of Krystine’s expertise draws on 10 years of academic studies in psychology and health science. The main focus of her PhD studies was on the wellbeing and psychology of elite athletes. As a wellbeing advocate, Krystine knows that personal wellbeing is paramount to success and that these lessons can be utilised by anyone in the pursuit of optimal wellbeing.  

“We have successfully navigated our way through many situations, together and independently and believe our experiences, skills and resources serve us well to provide support and insight to others. Our vision is to educate, empower and encourage anyone on their journey towards personal fulfillment.”

We look forward to working with you to address your wellbeing needs, to provide support and to maintain elitewellbeing in your lives.

– Krystine and Craig

Our Mission

The elitewellbeing programs aim to educate, empower and encourage participants to be well and be elite. Drawing on relevant research from the fields of psychology, sports science and health science, together with our own personal experiences our programs are tailored to meet the needs of the group or individual. We understand the consistent level of determination, effort, stress and pressure often experienced in ones pursuit of personal fulfillment and success. We also know how isolating and lonely the path can be and we genuinely know that we can be of support to you.

We have paid particular attention to identifying some of the groups of people that have known lower wellbeing including: athletes, new parents, students, carers and people experiencing changes. We pride ourselves on having the passion and ability to work across large groups/teams and individuals. In recent times we have predominately worked within the corporate sector, schools, universities, elite athletes, sports and clubs. We are constantly evolving our existing programs and creating new programs. Each program can be adapted for you and the needs of your organization on an individual basis, group work, seminars or via Skype.

Krystine Mottram

Krystine consults in the area of personal wellbeing. Her professional passions have been evoked by the insight she has gained through her PhD. research (Psychology) in wellbeing, her personal experience of supporting her husband through his elite sporting career and especially her role as a mother. Through her transition into motherhood and setting of her own personal goals, Krystine has a deep appreciation of the value of compassionate support which helps individuals in their quest for happiness and success. Whether they are elite athletes, students, new parents or experiencing major life transitions her workings stem from an understanding and knowledge of resilience and building vital coping skills by providing a personalised action plan. Krystine’s services include individual sessions, group workshops and seminars. The main aim is to provide support, motivation and nurturing to achieve optimal personal wellbeing, which is integral to achieving goals and most of all personal happiness.

Craig Mottram

Craig bases his coaching, guidance and motivation from 16 years of international sporting experience. He understands through his first hand knowledge, the demands and demons that are involved in elite level sport. Through the establishment of his structured set of rules and guidelines, Craig was able to change the culture of long distance running, by beating the odds with his success against the dominant African nations. Most importantly, Craig’s presence on the international stage has paved the way for others to do the same. Craig’s greatest passion is ‘seeing people achieve the best they can be’. Craig works with individual athletes, groups, schools, and within workplaces tailoring running programs cultivating an environment for sporting success, achievement and enjoyment.

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elitewellbeing Running Programs

All running programs are written, overseen and facilitated by Craig Mottram.

Individual Running Programs

Classic Run Program

This classic running program provides a detailed daily running timetable. Each program is tailored towards a particular distance and is individually structured to suit specific requirements. The programs can be established for the pursuit of achieving short-term goals or maintained for long-term running goals.

Elite Running Program

The elite running program is multifaceted and utilizes an array of experts to provide additional assessment and advice to complement your running. Some of these include: strength & conditioning, Physiology, Physiotherapy, massage, psychology/wellbeing, nutrition, recovery. This elite running program provides the opportunity for your running potential to be maximized in an easy and convenient way.

Group Running Programs

Group running programs focus on assessment and tailoring running programs to suit the unique characteristics of your group or organization. The initial assessment takes into account fitness level, time and goals to ensure that individuals have the best chance of achieving their goal or preparing for a sporting event within a group context.

Workshops and Seminars

All programs are tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual or organization.

Faciltators: Craig &  Krystine


(Wellbeing for Elite Athletes)

Ready! Set! Go! Be challenged and supported in your quest for sporting excellence and being elite.

•Challenges of elite level sport
•Finding solace while the whole world watches (pressure of performance)
•Dealing with setbacks, downfall and disappointment
•Key training tips
•Inspiration to keep you running
•Sport/ life balance-gaining perspective
•Goal-setting, attainment and achievement
•Managing key players – Parents, Partners, Coaches.
•Dealing with disappointment/ injury/ upsets
•Reviewing your strategy for success


(Corporate Wellbeing)

Be inspired by Craig’s experience as an elite athlete, the key life lessons he has learnt through sport and how it applies to his personal and work life:

•Stress as a barrier to success
•Pressure to succeed
•Striving for perfectionism
•Acknowledging the person within the employee.
•Knowing how you work- personality, learning/thinking style, communication skills
Coping strategies based on your individual style
Achieving work-life balance


(stress management for all)

Stress…..The good, the bad and the ugly. Learn how to stress well so that it works for you and not against you.

•Impact of Stress
Stress management- (situational vs. chronic)
Recognising triggers of stress
Initiating coping strategies


(Goal-setting and attainment)

Gain greater understanding of how you can achieve well to unleash your elite self.

Barrier breaking
•Becoming a self-motivator
•Mid-goal crisis (procrastination)
•Rollover effect (reaping the benefits of achieving your goal)

running program v2-06

(Wellbeing for Retiring Elite Athletes)

Ending an elite sporting career can be fraught with a sense of loss and confusion as well as a time to reinvent and redirect your self. Be supported through this transition in your life with understanding and care to make a smooth redirection to finding your ‘new’ elite self.

•Deciding to redirect your sporting career
•Dealing with the redirection circumstances (forced vs. choice)
•Coping with loss of sporting identity and purpose
•Redirection and my family/friends
•Who am I now? (the person behind the athlete)
•New direction-New purpose (Strategies for embracing life after sport)


(Wellbeing For New Parents)

Parenthood…WOW! It is both wonderfully joyous and remarkably scary…all at the same time. Become informed and empowered to embrace your role as a parent, regain your identity, find your humour and be well.

•Preparing and embracing your role as a parent
•Parenting styles
•Strategies for team parenting
•Navigating the ‘information overload’ about newborn behaviour and schedules.
•Baby sleep and settling strategies


(Wellbeing for Couples)

Relationships are just like cars and sport…we need to service them and train hard in order to keep them running optimally. Invest and connect with one another in our session aimed to create, enhance and maintain a strong partnership:

•Importance of relationships to wellbeing
•Strategies for reconnecting and staying connected with your partner
•Techniques to overcome sources of relationship tension
•How to communicate in a realistic way
•Acknowledging shifts in relationship
•Building bridges for an evolving relationship

running program v2-07

(Wellbeing for Superheros!)  

Motherhood can be overwhelmingly beautiful and challenging, sometimes all at once. Be comforted, supported and gain the knowledge and tools to help you mother your child and maintain your own wellbeing:

•Remembering the person behind the mother
•Mother knows best (Learning to trust your gut)
•Building support systems
•Common challenges and strategies to help (PND, Anxiety, sleep deprivation, work-baby balance, mother-guilt)


(Wellbeing for Superdads)

Fatherhood may just be the most confusing experience for many men. Yes, you are supposed to help. Yes you are probably told you are doing it all wrong. Yes, we can give you some answers and teach you some common tricks of the trade to help you understand and embrace your role as a father and to be a supportive, helpful partner.

•Work/wife/baby balance (Modern Age Father)
•Techniques for bonding with your baby
•Understanding and helping your partner
•Fitting your personal goals into family life


I have worked with Craig over the last four AFL seasons, engaging in his knowledge, expertise and command of specific conditioning techniques of elite Australian Rules Footballers. Craig offers a professional coaching service whereby he can impart his intimate knowledge of running, whilst working with the athlete(s) during the session. The feedback received from numerous players Craig has engaged with, is always that he provides an educational focus and belief in terms of the additional level he’s able to extract from them within a safe injury free working capacity. Craig understands the requirements of elite sport, adjusting his sessions accordingly to management plans and loading, whilst exposing the player to new levels of development and knowledge in relation to their running. This in turn inspires them to develop their capacity even further. Craig’s skill in motivating athletes to be better is of the highest class and I strongly commend his invaluable knowledge in this process.

Justin Cordy
High performance Manager
Western Bulldogs Football Club

Krystine’s ongoing support throughout my pregnancy and the first six months of being a new mother to my son Hugo has been incredibly invaluable. She helped me make the big adjustment into motherhood so much easier to cope with. Krystine’s wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience with coping with pregnancy and raising a first child is extremely impressive and she always seems to have a suggestion, solution or new strategy to try with every problem I have encountered along the way. I cannot express how grateful I am to her, not only to have a great friend to share the experience with, but also a mentor and ‘maternal’ counsellor to support me through this life-changing journey.

Sarah McKenzie-McHarg
New Mother

As an elite sports person I have been exposed to lots of different coaches, trainers and sport psychologists, some good and some bad. Elitewellbeing provide all these services at an outstanding level and all in one place. In order to get the best out of myself I need to have complete trust and commitment in those around me. Craig and Krystine have the experience and knowledge to make me the best I can be. I have formed a great relationship with the team and they are helping me strive for bigger and better goals in the future.

Kelly Hetherington
Australian Track Representative


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